P1X: They Went and Saved the Chest for Last


And thank you Katie Dunne for the shoutout on Facebook! That was super sweet of you. 🙂 Today Wes and I went and met some crazy Iowa fans out at Sopo to watch the game and have some lunch. Also? Day two of not drinking. Makes going to a bar a whole different, sobering experience. But fun nonetheless. Although, as we were leaving, it wasn’t looking good for Iowa.

The last workout on my P90X schedule was Chest and Back, and I suppose it was a fitting finish. It’s one of the strength videos … which is largely what P90X is based upon.

Anyway, the important part is that this whole silly thing is over!!! I really enjoyed the program at the beginning, even though it was super hard when I started. But bring on the change. Bring on my next challenge. BRING ON INSANITY. 🙂

In closing, I’d like to thank any and all of you that read my blog. Even if you only read it once. Hell, even if you only read the blog titles. I had a lot of fun journaling (sp?) throughout this thing and I’m glad you came along. I plan on keeping it up for Insanity, mostly just for the accountability. I don’t want any of you to feel any obligation to keep up with my nonsense.

Overall, like I’ve said, I didn’t lose a millions pounds, but I feel better about my health and my power and I even feel better about doing everyday things. Being in good health makes living easier. That’s just simple science. Au revior.

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P2X: Almost time to get CRAZY.

So today is the 89th day of P90X and my first day of not drinking until at least the New Year. Oh and it’s Veteran’s Day. And 11/11/11. DAMN.

I woke up and did Cardio X, which is again, farily easy at this point. Still enjoyable though. After that I went into work for the busiest Friday we’ve had in a while. That means I was able to make quite a bit o’ moola before getting off my shift at 4 p.m.

Now that I’m home, we are relaxing before heading to a nice sushi dinner down the road. And then? Then we’ll hit up the Red Box for a movie and a whole bunch of relaxing. Tomorrow I’ll finish up my very last workout (before Insanity) and then head into a super duper long-ass bartending shift.

I hope you enjoy every little bit of your upcoming weekend. And to those of you serving in the army, the navy, the air force or the marines (like you, Mark!) thank you for all you do. Gratitude goes out to those veterans who have already served, and to all the people we’ve lost along the way.

I’ll see you kids tomorrow for day 90! Yahoo! I must say that while I’m super excited to be done, the end kind of goes out with a whimper. By the conclusion of P90X, it’s almost like you’re so bored, you don’t feel super accomplished. But have no fear. The next phase should be CRAZY.

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P3X: One, Two, Three Times a Lady (whose almost finished!)

Almost there. Soooo close!

Well work yesterday went pretty well. There wasn’t much of a bar crowd at all, but my regulars took care of my on my birthday. Thanks Don and Mike! After I was finished, my manager bought me oysters and a beer! How cool is that!? Then, upon my arrival home, Wes had made crab legs (my fave) for dinner. Awww, what a great day.

After din din, we went over to the Bedford for a drink or two. Mandy met us out for a couple as well, and it was the perfect way to end a great 29th birthday. By the way, the Bedford is pretty cool. It’s a bank transformed into a bar, complete with a huge vault door and safety deposit boxes covering the walls. What what!

Today I slept in and then did my arms video to get it out of the way. I just want P90X to be over! 90 days, although they’ve gone by fairly quickly, is a looooooooooong time. Two more and finished. Thank God.

So, I’ve decided that once I do Insanity, I’ll keep blogging about it, but don’t feel obligated to read it. It will just keep me accountable and give me something to do every day. I’m also thinking of not drinking until Insanity is completed, which will be a huge step for me. I figure I need to go all in, and there’s no need to ruin workouts with empty alcohol calories. 🙂

I’m off for now! Gonna hit up the piano for a little bit and then finish up dinner. Tonight: homemade bread bowls with soup! Perfect food for the wintery weather. Later, dudes.

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P90Xempt: It’s my Birthday and I’ll BYE if I want to.

I’m not sure if BYE can be used as a verb, but I just used it that way in my title. Who’s gonna stop me? It’s my birthday, buttheads. I do what I want. 

Today I do have to work, which was really just poor planning on my part. I didn’t even think to request today off. That being said, I think I will use my birthday as an excuse for more tips. Because I have no shame.

After work, Wes is making me dinner and then we might just go out for some birthday cocktails with the Chicago crew! Hopefully the rain won’t damper our spirits. I think it’s gonna be pretty icky out all day. Tomorrow I’ll be back on the workout train to wrap up the repetitive turd that has been P90X. Don’t let my complaining deter you from doing it, but the end is a redundant monster. I need a change!

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes this morning! It’s not even 10 a.m. and my wall is flooded with love. I’m about ready for work, but I still need to apply some makeup. And, tiara or no tiara? 🙂

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P4X: Let’s Go … to the End of the Road

I’ve got a whole lotta nothing planned for today, which means fitting in all my personal hobbies was easy. It’s only 1 p.m. and I’ve already finished up Legs and Back, practiced some piano and went to Chase and Subway. Only problem is filling in the time between now and sushi tonight at 7:30 this evening. I’m thinking some more piano will be in order. My lesson book is pretty awesome, and I’m making some quick progress. Can’t wait to tickle the ivories again!

So it looks like there’s just three days left … and I want it to fly by! I think that since I’m so done with P90X and the redundancy, the end is really dragging. Has anyone out there tried Insanity? Or a different workout program available on DVD? If I don’t like Insanity, the only other real option is joining a gym again, which is expensive. And usually hard to get to in the city. But I can’t just go through winter sitting on my ass. We’ll see what happens. If I do join a gym again, I think I want XSport. An XSport with a pool!

Let it be known that I still cannot do a pull-up. However, I think if the back workout was incorporated more often (or if I worked on it more on my own) I’d be above that damn bar by now. But that’s ok. I don’t want to be too buff. Just toned.

Also know that I’m not at my ultimate fitness goals, even after 90 days. But people have noticed a difference in the way I look, and I know that my pants feel looser and I’m stronger and more badass.

For now, it’s back to the piano/couch for me. I hope that your work day goes by fast … or if you’re at home, I hope you’re snuggled up with a good book.

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'nuff said. FOUR. DAYS. LEFT.

Today I did Plymetrics, even though it isn’t on schedule. It’s the hardest cardio that P90X has to offer and I figured I needed something to amp me up for the final days of this program and for the beginning of Insanity. And pump me up it did. I didn’t start working out until 9:30 p.m. and I still felt great getting this video done. At this rate, I will be finished will all this nonsense by Friday. Unless I take Wednesday (my birthday) off. And I think that would be fair.

I have the day off tomorrow, so if anyone is trampling around Chicago and bored during the day, hit me up. If nothing else, I’ll do some errands or try to hit up a super dee duper free museum.

As for right now, I’m watching the end of the Bears game, which is looking promising at the moment. Although I still think Jay Cutler needs a chin implant. I’m signing off for now. Going to have a whiskey/cider (message me for the recipe!) and maybe play some piano. My lesson book arrived today!

Nighty night doll faces!

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P6X: Virtual Insanity


Today was a great day. Daylight Savings meant I could get a decent amount of sleep after a long night of bartending without it being noon upon waking up. A lazy Sunday morning was just what the doctor ordered. After laying around for awhile, Wes and I headed to Kohls for a mini shopping spree and then Jewel for some dinner necessities. I was REALLY dreading an hour of P90X after we got home, so I decided to sneak in an Insanity workout instead. Don’t be mad.

Today I did the Insanity “Fit Test,” which is only a 25 minute video. GOOD GOD. I’m not sure I”ll be able to survive 60 days of that shit. The Fit Test (required every two weeks of the program,) is supposed to help you track your progress and help illustrate your improvements. Wow. I felt winded after about eight minutes and realized that the workouts I’ve decided upon as my next goal are no joke. So, loyal readers, don’t feel bad that I didn’t do P90X today – feel scared of my future workout plans. What am I thinking?

After that hellish 25 minutes and an immediate shower, I played a little piano and then parked myself on the couch with Wes to watch The Walking Dead and relaaaaax. Tomorrow is my third piano lesson (sans lesson book,) and the Bears will hopefully be playing to win.

And now just five days left of P90X. Although, now I’m not so sure I want to move on. Am I crazy enough to tackle Insanity?

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