P6X: Virtual Insanity


Today was a great day. Daylight Savings meant I could get a decent amount of sleep after a long night of bartending without it being noon upon waking up. A lazy Sunday morning was just what the doctor ordered. After laying around for awhile, Wes and I headed to Kohls for a mini shopping spree and then Jewel for some dinner necessities. I was REALLY dreading an hour of P90X after we got home, so I decided to sneak in an Insanity workout instead. Don’t be mad.

Today I did the Insanity “Fit Test,” which is only a 25 minute video. GOOD GOD. I’m not sure I”ll be able to survive 60 days of that shit. The Fit Test (required every two weeks of the program,) is supposed to help you track your progress and help illustrate your improvements. Wow. I felt winded after about eight minutes and realized that the workouts I’ve decided upon as my next goal are no joke. So, loyal readers, don’t feel bad that I didn’t do P90X today – feel scared of my future workout plans. What am I thinking?

After that hellish 25 minutes and an immediate shower, I played a little piano and then parked myself on the couch with Wes to watch The Walking Dead and relaaaaax. Tomorrow is my third piano lesson (sans lesson book,) and the Bears will hopefully be playing to win.

And now just five days left of P90X. Although, now I’m not so sure I want to move on. Am I crazy enough to tackle Insanity?

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