P3X: One, Two, Three Times a Lady (whose almost finished!)

Almost there. Soooo close!

Well work yesterday went pretty well. There wasn’t much of a bar crowd at all, but my regulars took care of my on my birthday. Thanks Don and Mike! After I was finished, my manager bought me oysters and a beer! How cool is that!? Then, upon my arrival home, Wes had made crab legs (my fave) for dinner. Awww, what a great day.

After din din, we went over to the Bedford for a drink or two. Mandy met us out for a couple as well, and it was the perfect way to end a great 29th birthday. By the way, the Bedford is pretty cool. It’s a bank transformed into a bar, complete with a huge vault door and safety deposit boxes covering the walls. What what!

Today I slept in and then did my arms video to get it out of the way. I just want P90X to be over! 90 days, although they’ve gone by fairly quickly, is a looooooooooong time. Two more and finished. Thank God.

So, I’ve decided that once I do Insanity, I’ll keep blogging about it, but don’t feel obligated to read it. It will just keep me accountable and give me something to do every day. I’m also thinking of not drinking until Insanity is completed, which will be a huge step for me. I figure I need to go all in, and there’s no need to ruin workouts with empty alcohol calories. 🙂

I’m off for now! Gonna hit up the piano for a little bit and then finish up dinner. Tonight: homemade bread bowls with soup! Perfect food for the wintery weather. Later, dudes.

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One Response to P3X: One, Two, Three Times a Lady (whose almost finished!)

  1. katiedunne says:

    How long is Insanity? As long as you want?

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