P2X: Almost time to get CRAZY.

So today is the 89th day of P90X and my first day of not drinking until at least the New Year. Oh and it’s Veteran’s Day. And 11/11/11. DAMN.

I woke up and did Cardio X, which is again, farily easy at this point. Still enjoyable though. After that I went into work for the busiest Friday we’ve had in a while. That means I was able to make quite a bit o’ moola before getting off my shift at 4 p.m.

Now that I’m home, we are relaxing before heading to a nice sushi dinner down the road. And then? Then we’ll hit up the Red Box for a movie and a whole bunch of relaxing. Tomorrow I’ll finish up my very last workout (before Insanity) and then head into a super duper long-ass bartending shift.

I hope you enjoy every little bit of your upcoming weekend. And to those of you serving in the army, the navy, the air force or the marines (like you, Mark!) thank you for all you do. Gratitude goes out to those veterans who have already served, and to all the people we’ve lost along the way.

I’ll see you kids tomorrow for day 90! Yahoo! I must say that while I’m super excited to be done, the end kind of goes out with a whimper. By the conclusion of P90X, it’s almost like you’re so bored, you don’t feel super accomplished. But have no fear. The next phase should be CRAZY.

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