P7X: One More Saturday Night (of P90X!)

Those cucumber slices are heavier than you'd think.

I know, I know. All of my millions of readers, including you, were probably royally pissed off about yesterday. And you’re right. I did not make a post, and I most definitely did not do P90X. After my 1.5 hour drive home from work, I didn’t have any time to exercise before showering and heading out to meet friends for an early bday celebration! So it looks as though this week, my Rest Day was yesterday and tomorrow I’ll have to fit in a workout. Ugh. To be fair to myself, I’d say the walk to and from Moonshine down Division Street was a calorie burning monster with the heels I was wearing. 🙂

Today was Arms and Shoulders … and I found a way to make it go by faster. With any of the strength videos, you can sort of cheat. And I don’t mean workout less, I just mean streamlining things so the whole ordeal goes by faster. So, once you know what moves are in each set, and you have an idea of how many reps you want as your goal, you can blast through the video at your own, faster pace. Tony Horton takes a lot of breaks, which is great … but if you are running short on time, I say feel free to blast through the small talk and ballistic stretching so you can fit in your workout, even with a crammed schedule.

Tonight I’ll be heading into bartending hell until 3 a.m. It won’t be hell, but it will be long and tiring. Tomorrow I’ll have some sort of cardio workout to do, or it might even be Yoga. I haven’t checked. What I do know is that there are only six total P90X days left. And that, my friends, is a glorious thing. Enjoy your weekend! Hasta luego.

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P8X: Piano Man ( I can’t be one without the book!)

Big. Piano.

Home stretch folks!

It’s only about 8 p.m. right now but it feels like midnight. We had a huge day of driving and running around and doing errands and all those miles can take a lot outta a person. So once we finally got home, I took a 10 minute cat nap and then kicked, punched and hammered my way through Kenpo X. I’m SO ready to be done with P90X. Even doing Kenpo, which I love, I get sort of bored. Well, I just know it’s predictable now and I’m being kind of a squatch, I know. But I need these last seven workouts to FLY BY.

Shitty things to happen this week:

1. Someone (perhaps our neighbor) threw a rock through our window. Thanks a lot, you big Jerky McJerkerson.

2. My piano lesson book still hasn’t arrived. I blame Amazon, USPS and your mom.

So things need to start looking up. I’m hoping my book arrives soon and that our neighbor contracts shingles. Fingers crossed! If nothing else, maybe I can go kick his ass after all this P90X … bam.

As for now, I’ve got some computer stuff to get to, and our DVR has some shows to watch. And I’m tired. Seven days left! Get pumped for the end kiddos!

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P9X: Gotta Know When to Hold Em, Know When to Fold Em, Know When to Walk Away … Know When to Cardio.


And we have entered the singles!!! Woot woot!!!

Today was a pretty great day at work. My regulars showed up after already having a decent crowd of newbies. Basically a bartender’s dream. 🙂 Although I was rather jealous of the 21 year old and her sisters leaving for Vegas. Damnit!

Upon my arrival at home (after Wesley picked me up,) I got through Cardio X with flying colors. And, Wes and I were able to take a walk around the neighborhood with the dogs! It was great walking weather. Plus, after that was over, I was able to see the girls play their playoff game. They lost, but not until they went into two extra innings of battle. And it was glorious.

Right now, I’m relaxing on the couch with laptop in hand. Tomorrow will be a marathon of errands, but I’m ready for it. Not sure which P90X is waiting for me, but does it matter at this point? I just want to get through it. I want something new and more exciting and someone besides Tony Horton. And that is the truth.

If you’re in the city this weekend, we will be celebrating my birthday early on Friday. All are welcome. Probably gonna be somwhere semi-close, because I’m lazy. 🙂 Bring on 29 … I’m ready for it … bitches!!!! Hope your hump day was extra special.

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P10X: Only NINE days and SUNSHINE …. (good day sunshine.)

Wow. I can’t believe how beautiful it is outside on November 1! Gorgeous. And to celebrate the wonderful weather I hurried and did my arms video and then headed to the streets for a run.

Let it be known that while P90X incorporates a lot of cardio, it does not help maintain your lungs for running. I mean, I haven’t been dedicated to running in a long time, and it showed today. But that’s actually OK. P90X is more about burning calories and building strength, not building on your breathing and preparing you for marathons. So, needless to say, I ran/walked about two and a half miles … decent taking into account my lack of hitting the pavement for the past four months.

Only nine more little days! And just eight more till I turn 29. Yikes. I’m hoping to make this upcoming year of life better than 28 was. Don’t get me wrong, 28 was great, but now that I’ve been working out, I want to continue losing weight and trimming down. This is just the beginning. Oh and finding a non-bartending job is also on the agenda. 🙂

Instead of wasting more hours on here or in the apartment I’m going to wrap this up so I can shower and then head to Jewel for dinner ingredients. I’m thinking a turkey meatloaf is in our near future. Still up in the air. Hopefully we can head back outside tonight into the semi-warm air to walk off our meal. Get out there too and enjoy the sun!

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P11X: Thriller (cuz there’s just 10 days left)

Pug Teen Wolf.

What a day. Bartending was busier than anticipated which was good, as rent is obviously due. After work I headed to my second piano lesson, where my teacher was impressed by my knowledge of the bass clef. And I have real homework to do this week! Exciting, exciting stuff.

So upon my arrival home, I popped on P90X. Today I decided to try and tackle Kenpo Cardio +, which I believe is the sister or next phase to the normal workout. This cardio workout felt really good, it had some great new moves, and it flew by! This video has the Gladiator and a High Punch Knee Kick Burnout, which gets the old heart really pumping. If you can get your hands on this workout, it’s a great change of pace to the norm. Highly suggested.

After today only 10 more installments of P90X!!! Awesome. I’m just itching to get onto something else. But don’t let that make you feel like P90X is boring. It took a good 70 ish days to really start feeling the redundancy.

Tomorrow means a day off, which I plan to use practicing piano after sweating through tomorrow’s exercising. Tonight after tacos and a hot shower, I’m gonna take it easy on the couch with a glass of wine. Hope your Monday rocked. Happy Halloween.

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P12X: Easy like Sunday Morning (and evening)

Stretch. It. Out.

Ah. Days after bartending on Saturdays are basically a wash. I’m tired for the majority of my waking hours, and even though I have an entire day to take on the world, I have about as much energy as a fart. So this morning was unproductive for a bit, but then we went and got some sushi (with a Groupon) and did some light shopping on North Ave. A nice little Sunday, if you will.

Today’s P90X was just P90Stretch, a welcome break from cardio or weightlifting or anything else of that sort. Tomorrow I’ll be hitting it hard to wrap up the last 11 days of this nonsense. 🙂 I need a freaking change!

I hope everyone’s Halloween shenanigans were great last night. The Curragh wasn’t as busy as we’d hoped it would be, but nothing we can really do about that. However, my costume went over great, it just took 15 minutes to wash all the makeup off when I got home. Thanks for visiting all night with me, Danny and Katie and Ashleigh! Great company.

Tonight’s it’s just relaxing and the Walking Dead and a glass of wine. Tomorrow it’s work and my second piano lesson! Unfortunately, my lesson book hasn’t arrived, but my teacher says to come in anyway. Probably because I’m such a quick learner. 🙂

I hope your night caps off your weekend perfectly. Catch you on the flip side.

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P13X: They did the Mash. They did the Monster Mash.


No one's going to save you from the beast about to strike.

Happy Halloween (celebration day!) I know it isn’t the real holiday but today is the day when all the dressed up drinkers will be celebrating, right? Including myself. Although I’ll be pouring more drinks than I’ll be drinking. Boo (pun.)

Today after I dropped Wes off at work I had to hurry to Jewel for makeup and then rush home so that I could BARELY fit in Core Synergistics. I mean, it’s a tight squeeze here. Even as I’m typing, the ears to my zebra costume are (hopefully) drying and I still have work to do! My makeup is going to be a project in itself. I can’t wait to see what the rest of you hooligans are going to be. This is easily one of my favorite times of year!

As I said before, and I’m not happy about it, I will also have to do P90X tomorrow because I skipped it earlier this week due to a debilitating headache. Good news? There’s no Bears game to miss! So I’m hoping to not sleep in too much and savor what’s left of my day tomorrow after exercising.

I wish you all a scary good time tonight. And if you find yourself in Edison Park at all, stop by and see me! I’ll be the black and white mess behind the bar. I hope everything stays in place. This costume was crafting marathon. 🙂 The P90X of fabric painting, if you will.

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